Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dying for Lying

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Iraq "surge" may be bigger, costlier than claimed

President Bush's troop buildup in Baghdad apparently will be bigger and more costly — and perhaps last longer — than it seemed when he unveiled the plan in January as the centerpiece of a new Iraq strategy.
The Bush plan called for sending 21,500 extra U.S. combat troops to Iraq — mainly to Baghdad — with the last of five brigades arriving by June. The estimated price tag was $5.6 billion. Officials have refused to say exactly how long it would last, but Defense Secretary Robert Gates had suggested that it could be over by fall.
When asked about the duration of the buildup, Gates has noted that funds for this purpose are only budgeted through September, which marks the end of the government's budget year. This week, however, it was disclosed that Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, a top commander in Iraq, has recommended that the buildup stretch into 2008.
In contrast, Gates last month told Congress the administration saw a possibility that the buildup could begin to be reversed this fall if Bush's plan yielded good results on the security, economic and political fronts.
In addition, Gates said Wednesday that at least another 2,400 would be needed to support the extra combat forces. And he said Petraeus had added still another requirement — about 2,200 more military police to help with an anticipated increase in detainees and for other duties.
Gates said Wednesday that other unspecified requests for extra troops were being studied at the Pentagon.
Whether it's Iraq's (non-existent) connection to 9/11, Iraq having (non-existent) WMDs, Iraq being able to attack the USA with those (non-existent) WMDs, saying we'll be greeted as liberators, saying we've turned the corner ... the lies will continue from Bush and his cronies.

It's never enough and it will never be enough. It cannot be enough, as all the bluster and bravado of the generals and the SecDef is utterly meaningless as they do not address the real reason we attacked Iraq: To gain control of the oil fields. And protect them with "superbases" of tens of thousands of soldiers.

Both Bush and Cheney have now clearly stated that we will not leave Iraq until the oil fields can be kept from terrorists hands to deprive them of both a base of operations (if you believe in fairies) and a hugh revenue source provided by controlling the oil fields.

No reasonable person believes al-Qaede has anywhere near the ability or numbers of personnel they would need to conquer Iraq. Every reasonably astute observer believes that once we Americans leave al-Qaede terrorists will be quickly identified, culled from the population, and either killed or deported.

But none of the plans being put forth address that primary mission to gain control of the oil, none of the plans the public has seen or heard addresses the truth that our occupation is permanent.

Bush/Cheney, good loyal oil men that they are, have committed American forces to the Middle East until the last drop of oil is pumped and trillions of dollars in profits line their pockets.

No matter how many fine young Americans have to die.

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