Monday, March 05, 2007

A Pattern of Assaults On Our Constitution

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The Right to Free Speech:
Two people ousted from a presidential appearance in Denver two years ago finally found out Friday that the order came from two White House staffers, one of them a special assistant to President Bush in charge of his public appearances.

Wounded Soldiers Told Not to Talk to Media

The Right to Freedom of the Press:
US troops threaten and censor journalists after killing of civilians

The Right to Effective Counsel:
Terror Case Prosecutor Assails Defense Lawyer
The chief prosecutor for the American military commissions that will try suspected terrorists being held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has lashed out at the military lawyer for one of the detainees
The prosecutor, Col. Morris D. Davis, said that the lawyer, Maj. Michael Mori of the United States Marine Corps, should not be making public appearances in Australia in uniform on behalf of his client, David Hicks, and that he faced possible prosecution for some of his remarks.
I could have gone on and on ... except I just read Bill's post below and I no longer have the stomach (but at least I still have a stomach) for it.


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