Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Lying Liar Lies Again Just to Lie

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"We make it powerfully and visually apparent to everybody that, if we don't win in Iraq, we are going to lose America. It's that simple. Melanie Morgan, Republican Talking Head and Liar

This is a direct quote from Morgan in response to interview questions from Judy Woodruff here.

Just what kind of boneheaded idiot would believe a statement like that? I have pointed out before that experts estimate there are between 20,000-40,000 terrorists worldwide.

Insufficient numbers to populate a small mid-western town. Insufficient numbers to form anything more than a very small army. And certainly insufficient numbers to swarm across our borders, insufficient numbers come ashore in waves from ships at sea, and insufficient numbers to form an air force that could even seriously damage America, much less defeat us.

This is a major problem for this country as people of Morgan's ilk no longer inhabit the "…the Home of the Brave" and instead occupy some fairyland where every enemy is THE existential threat to be faced by the very cowards that tremble in fear every time a terrorist says, "Boo!"

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