Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Just Can't Let the Liars Lie with Impunity Anymore

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Of all the posts I am likely to write now or in the future, this may be the one that gets me in trouble the most, but I don't care. I spend much time listening to C-Span and C-Span 2 and hear the most outrageous lies repeated endlessly:
I am sick unto death with Republican Liars standing up in the House and Senate to spout Lie after Lie after Lie, endlessly, in a format that does not allow another member to call the speaker an outright Liar as, of course, comity and good manners must be maintained at all times.

I am not a member of the Senate or the House so I am not bound to honor a rule that acts to speciously force politeness and respect where none is deserved or has been earned. I am therefore, from time to time, going to repeat, with accreditation, the most egregious lies made by the biggest group of professional Liars in America today, the GOP, the Republicans, the Conservatives, the Compassionate Conservatives or whatever other name by which they may be known.
Today's member of the senate shaming himself with his mendacities and who regularly spouts meaningless tripe as if he were delivering a sermon:
Senator Judd Gregg (R-SameOldLies) is standing on the floor speaking a lie about every other word, but he started his rant with the biggest lie ever sold to Americans; "We Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility and Democrats are the tax and spend party
This is so untrue as to be one of the more ludicrous and well known Lies bouncing around the face of the planet.

Republicans have overseen the greatest expansion of government in history, turning a $5.5 trillion surplus into a $9 trillion deficit along the way. Republicans have us bogged down in a war we cannot win and are spending over a billion dollars a week to support their failed effort. More children are living in poverty and going to bed hungry than ever before. More are without health insurance than ever before.

Gregg actually bragged that there had been 22 months of the greatest economic expansion in our country's history. He brags that Rethugs have created over 7 million jobs. He neglects to mention that bush 43, aided by the rubberstamping 109th Congress, has spent more money than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

Last month's growth in the GDP was a miserable 1.5% after readjusting the number down from 2.5, which is what the Rethugs alleged that was also untrue. This is the type of growth that, if the Rethugs had managed to change Social Security, would have wiped out any "personal savings accounts" and would be leaving our seniors destitute.

I guess it isn't convenient for the Rethug Liars to acknowledge that on Clinton's watch the country prospered as never before, 22.5 million jobs were created, the Dow Jones increased in value 180%, and the Rethugs want to claim the greatest expansion of the economy ever? BS!

Senator Kent Conrad (D-North Dakota) is now correcting the record and actually said, "Mr. President their claim of fiscal responsible is unfortunately contradicted by the facts." He went on to say that Republicans have proven to be the "borrow and spend" party of the country.

I would have said, "Sirrah, you are naught but a Liar and a Fraud." (Maybe not that politely)

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