Thursday, May 24, 2007

Loan shark.

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Anyone who's been paying attention knows that sometime last spring, the Fed stopped reporting the M3 numbers. Meaning, they stopped telling everyone how much money they were printing because knowing how much money they're printing is a measure of the inflation rate, and well, we can't have the world knowing THAT now can we?

Well, some clever monkeys out there have managed to reconstruct the M3 from other indicators and it seems that inflation is running at about {gulp} 12%. The Fed must really hate those guys.

Anyhow, the powers that be have to place the blame on someone for the loads of dollars flying around the globe. And the patsy they've chosen? North Korea, natch! The Swiss however, are not falling for it.
Excerpt: The Swiss federal criminal police, in a report released Monday, expresses serious doubt that North Korea is capable of manufacturing the fake bills, which it said were superior to real ones.

The Swiss report includes color enlargements that show the differences between genuine bills and counterfeit supernotes. The supernotes are identical to U.S. banknotes except for added distinguishing marks, which can be detected only with a magnifying glass. In addition, under ultraviolet or infrared light, stripes appear or the serial numbers disappear on the supernotes.

The Bundeskriminalpolizei didn't hazard a guess as to who's been manufacturing the supernotes, but said experts agreed that the counterfeits weren't the work of an individual but of a government or governmental organization. [emphasis mine]
This article suggests it could be a little closer to home: the CIA
Excerpt:The American secret service, the CIA, could be responsible for manufacturing the nearly-perfect counterfeit 50 and 100-dollar-notes that Washington pins on the terror regime of North Korea. The charge comes after an extensive investigation in Europe and Asia by the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung of Frankfurt, and after interviews with counterfeit money experts and leading representatives of the high-security publishing industry.
But I don't think that's correct either. I think the answer is WAY more simple than that. I think that the Federal Reserve is just printing up scads of money, plain and simple. The economy is tanking and the only way to mask it is to pump dollars into the pump, build up the stock market to make the economy look more robust than it actually is and hope that it doesn't crash before everyone has a chance to escape to Paraguay.

These stories "North Korea did it" or "The CIA did it" are just disinformation stories. The real story is the Federal Reserve is doing it, probably at the behest of this administration, and I can only imagine the interest their charging for the service.

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