Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time to Say Bye-Bye So You Have an Alibi

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From the AP Huffington Post Wires:
Top members of President Bush's national security team are leaving in one of the earliest waves of departures from a second-term administration _ nearly two years before Bush's term ends.…As rancor in the nation rises over handling of the war in Iraq, at least 20 senior aides have either retired or resigned from important posts at the White House, Pentagon and State Department in the past six months.
Sounds like it's time to get getting on to new endeavors before becoming ensnared in the future disasters of what has been the most disastrous maladministration in American history.

I guess having a job at the White House, Pentagon, or the State Department is no longer the big resume item it used to be, as the all three are continuously embroiled in scandal after scandal.

Were I an employer looking at a potential employee who resigned from the any of these places, my first thought would be, "Did you leave in hopes of avoiding an indictment?"

What a ringing endorsement of government service!



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