Monday, May 07, 2007

You've heard of the Soup Nazi

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from Seinfeld. Well, this weekend, we met the Dumpling Nazi. She worked in a tiny little dumpling shop next to the Bangkok Grocery on Mosco Street near Columbus Park in Chinatown. Five dumplings for $1. Five pork buns for $1. That's what we ordered, but apparantly, we didn't hand over the money fast enough or we ordered wrong or something and then I heard her muttering under her breath in Chinese and I swear she called us something very bad, like a Chinese bad word for white person. And then when we got out of there, we found that she'd given us 10 dumplings. They were tasty and all, but we couldn't help feel like she, was, well, The Dumpling Nazi.

Honestly, if you're ever in NYC, you gotta' go there. But go to the grocery store next door first. They have EVERYTHING you need to make good Thai food. (Honestly, Red Curry paste is not as difficult as you think to make.)


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