Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To All America,

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I have to write a letter because I simply cannot address everyone one at a time. I am so sick and tired of calling Senators and Congressmen and getting well packaged tripe in response to legitimate grievances.

This letter is to America, at large assuming that anyone is listening and actually responsible for anything.

The American people are a patient lot. In a more volatile and free day the masses would have hit the streets in such large numbers that they would have been impossible to ignore. Unfortunately the bulk of America is now engaged in their furious work loads to maintain their precious lifestyles and entertaining themselves with mindless garbage that insults us as a thinking species. Regardless, the people did what Americans are supposed to do and totally rejected business as usual in last November's election, peacefully, via the vote.

I want Congress to know that if you do not invoke the will of the people, and that means Dems and Repubs alike, you too will be delegated to the wastebin. BEGIN THE PROCESS OF DISEMBARKING FROM THIS WAR NOW AND SCREW PRESIDENT BUSH. He's done, he's toast. The President hasn't a shred of credibility left and even kings get their walking papers absent the good graces of the people! I am saying send this maniac a bill that is EVEN TOUGHER than the last "Iraq Accountability Act." Call it the "Restore American Principles Act" and don't cave in. All of your wages are paid by us and we will hold you accountable.

And when we leave Iraq, let Halliburton stay and clean up the mess we've created with depleted Uranium and everything else......on their dime!

So here we sit, four years after "Mission Accomplished" and what have we accomplished?

Let's see:
  1. Complete politicization of the Justice Department. That's called fascism or communism or whatever totalitarian term you prefer.
  2. 3200 more dead soldiers and tens of thousands physically and mentally compromised (if the Defense Department is actually telling the truth.) and Iraqi genocide.
  3. The dismantling of the U.S. Constitution (by our government,not Al Qaeda.)
  4. The loss of an entire American City.
  5. The complete undermining of a formerly free electoral process.
  6. 1/2 of a trillion dollars spent on a failed war that isn't even money we have.
  7. A mainstream media that couldn't even accurately report their own shoe being untied.
  8. The loss of American manufacturing prowess and the very sovereignty that is the United States of America.
  9. An unprecedented upsurge in terrorist activities courtesy of the Iraq war. Don't believe me, ask the State Department.
  10. Corruption at the highest levels of government on a scale never before witnessed.
  11. Our own government selling out our own intelligence operatives.
  12. A complete and utter quagmire of a war with no end in sight.
How far should I go with this? If all of this is not enough to make a decent American regurgitate I don't know what is. Impeachment IS NEVER OFF THE TABLE! That is not Nancy Pelosi's tool, it is the people's tool to be used to correct serious abuses of the public trust. The founders of this great land knew that. That is why it is there!

There is a reasonable way to get out of any jam and that includes Iraq. Forget that it was illegal under our commitment to the U.N. Charter to go there in the first place. There still is a reasonable way to get out and not have the country disintegrate. After all, it's not doing so good now and a change could only improve the situation if reasonable decisions are made by reasonable human beings. The people running this country now are not reasonable. They are arrogant, stupid, spoiled, incompetent, corrupt and in complete denial. I for one could care less about Bush's legacy. To me it is already written in stone...the tombstones of thousands of good and patriotic American soldiers.

Listen up America...get with it!

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