Friday, May 11, 2007

Why I don't know

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But I occasionally feel the need to torture myself and watch the mainstream evening news. So, last night I watched. And I pop to all three stations to see what their lead stories are. One of them covered the Oxycontin story first and the other two did some sort of Iraq related story I think. (Not very memorable). So then, I hunker down and watch NBC. I watched the whole thing except for the last fluff story. (I always hate the last fluff story.) So I watched the whole thing and NOT ONCE did they mention the Gonzalez hearing on the Hill. Not Once! And I could almost accept that if nothing of import was revealed, but something of great import WAS revealed.
Excerpt: Weeks after the White House ruled out the involvement of President George W. Bush in any discussions on the firing of 8 US Attorneys, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Thursday morning that the President had discussed the matter with advisers in an October 2006 meeting.
Especially in light of the information that
Excerpt: Only weeks before last year's pivotal midterm elections, the White House urged the Justice Department to pursue voter-fraud allegations against Democrats in three battleground states, a high-ranking Justice official has told congressional investigators.

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