Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hmm, this sounds familiar

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Interior Official Steps Down Over Rules Violation

A deputy assistant secretary at the Interior Department resigned Monday, a month after the department’s inspector general issued a stinging report that said she violated federal rules by giving industry lobbyists internal agency documents and rode roughshod over agency scientists.
She also gave internal agency documents to industry lawyers and a lawyer from the Pacific Legal Foundation, all of whom frequently filed suit against the Interior Department over endangered species decisions.
The issue of internal agency documents finding their way into the hands of lawyers suing the agency may not end with Ms. MacDonald’s departure. Last week, lawyers in Portland, Ore., for the environmental group, Earthjustice, discovered that a timber lobbying group, the American Forest Resource Council, had based part of its March 7 lawsuit against the Interior Department on an internal draft of endangered-species regulations, not on the rules actually in force.
Now I remember, just yesterday I posted about how the Army Corpse of Engineers based their bidding contract on documents that were lifted, typos and all, from a bidder.

I guess the Bush admin's bindings to industry go both ways.

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