Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nose of Joint Chief of Staff out of Joint

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It's being reported in several papers that General Peter Pace was "forced out" of his position and refused to voluntarily retire while the Iraq War continues (I suppose at about age 90 he will retire without regard to the troops still bogged down in Iraq - it is a fifty year endeavor now, remember?).

In the military this is a demotion and essentially a career-ender, even though Pace may hang around awhile.

I have not one iota of respect, sympathy, or empathy for Pace, any of the other sycophantic military leaders remaining, and/or any member of the bush/cheney maladministration or neocons.

They're all, including Pace, IMHO, just too self-absorbed, corrupt, incompetent, and deserving of being scorned, shunned, and reviled, or ridiculed for being guilty of gross incompetence as the architects of the greatest blunder in foreign affairs and policy in American history to deserve any pity or respect whatever.

Poor wittle General Pace, booted by the very people for whom he destroyed his own reputation and integrity. I guess he'll just have to find a different way to continue serving with a maladministration committing and promoting the genocide of those with whom we refuse to deal diplomatically. (Hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis tell the tale - and reveals the truth. bush will kill everyone in the Middle East to control all the oil if he thinks it necessary, supported by the sycophantic flag officers that remain.)

Not a person to be feted, admired, or held forth as an example of a "good leader" to all the little chirrin', IMHO, and again, in my opinion, a disgrace to his uniform and a man who brings disrepute to our military.

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At 7:47 PM, Blogger Julysun said...

Rough but correct, Pace was/is the quietest Marine general I have ever seen or heard. He was just a 'nobody home' Marine. When I was in the Corps generals were loud and clear.


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