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The Law of Unintended Consequences is the Only Law bush Can't Break Without Penalty

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I think most people are up on the concept of "the law of unintended consequences, where something done ostensibly for good purposes winds up backfiring with consequences no one intended or considered.

The bush/cheney maladministration is more emblematic of this than any group of people I have ever seen. Let's just look at what his North Korean non-policy has wrought.

Please see this article from Reuters, titled, N.Korea tested advanced missiles: U.S. general:
North Korea's recent tests of short-range missiles were successful launches of an advanced weapon that can be fired at short notice to strike targets in South Korea, the commander of U.S. Forces Korea said on Monday.

North Korea tested at least three short-range missiles over the past month, with the latest test last week coming as U.N. nuclear inspectors were in the country as a part of a disarmament deal.

"These (missiles) are modern, solid-fuel, which means that they are easy to handle and rapidly capable of being fired," said U.S. General B.B. Bell.

"These were not failure missile tests. These were successful tests," Bell told a seminar in Seoul.
Most everyone in the world is aware that bush/cheney "took their eye off the ball" by their refusing to engage N.K. in a direct diplomatic way, bush clearly wanted multi-national negotiations because he, like a third-grader, refuses to talk to anyone whom he dislikes, and he always has to have a fall guy ready to take the rap for his own incompetence. (Remember: The buck stops with anyone in the world except bush.)

That non-policy schoolyard playground bully attitude has served him ill, as the North Koreans developed new short and medium range missiles, conducted their first nuclear test of a weapon, and now N.K. developed and successfully tested short-range, solid-fuel missiles deadlier than anything Kim Jong Il ever before possessed.

I strongly suggest that North Korea, with such a spotty record of successful missile tests previously, may have had some help building solid-fuel missiles that function correctly, but any way you look at it, this is another unintended consequence of bush non-policy policies.

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