Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chutzpah, Defined.

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I've been listening to C-Span 2 this morning and you have never heard real sniveling from anyone until you listen to a Republican senator.

It is well known that when dems were the minority in the Senate they were shut off, blocked out, and unable to engage in their full duties with the Republican leadership blocking amendments, "filling the tree" so no matters with which dems were concerned could get filed or heard and other tricks and schemes to diminish Democrats.

This morning Senator Jim Vitter (Whiner-Louisiana), Senator Judd Gregg (Poser-New Hampshire), and Senator Jeff Sessions (Phony-Alabama) are squealing like stuck pigs now that they cannot get their way and file endless amendments for no other purpose than to obfuscate, delay, or kill legislation. This despite the fact that Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev) has been more accommodating and even-handedly fair than the old Republican "leadership" ever was when they were in control.

I'm serious when I say that every American should watch the Senate in action. Watch Democratic Senators presenting good commonsense bills and lucid arguments, and then watch the parade of Republicans coming to the podium to snivel, b*tch, and moan that somehow they are not being treated fairly and watch them play obstructionists and fear/war mongers. I have never seen or heard such a pack of political cowards in my life.

Democrats appear to be actively fighting for Americans while the Republicans follow the orders of Grover Norquist that, "Nothing good comes out of this congress for the next two years. Nothing.…It doesn't do any good to say no, no, yes, it's always got to be no, no, no. Nothing good comes out of this congress."

The Republicans have their marching orders: stop the congress from passing legislation good for the country, ignore your oath of office and help the president break the law and his oath, ignore what's good for the country, stall, filibuster, do anything to make Democrats look ineffective putting the country before party.

Republicans are only loyal to bush and his party and do not care how much damage they are doing to America. How else to explain monetary losses of over a trillion dollars a year ever since bush became president? (I am, of course, speaking of the current crop of Republican "leadership" in congress and I do not mean to slur ordinary citizens that happen to be Republican.)

At any rate this is truly an excellent definition for chutzpah: Treat dems like crap for years, be the worst "do-nothing" congress in American history for the last two years, fight Democrats tooth and nail over every little detail, and then cry like a baby now that the dems won't just give you your way.

Sniveling. Cowards. What chutzpah.

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