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On Talking Points Memo, a few readers wrote in to voice their support for Hillary Clinton.
Excerpt: If you'd stop for a moment, you would be exposed to the reality that Clinton is dominating the debates, dominating the polls. On the ground here in California, she has in place a growing organization that I guarantee you will crush any opposition - Democratic primary, or general election against the Repugs.
Am I the only one who finds the line of reasoning disturbing? First, Clinton is not dominating the debates. I've watched the debates. The spin AFTER the debates says she dominates, but she really doesn't. She has a large and growing organization because she is fully supported, financially and otherwise, by the elite that manage the system. She will only crush opposition because that's what the elite wants. Not the people.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that the wife of a president who then becomes a Senator in a state she relocated to is running for president? And actually has a chance of winning? Step aside from the rhetoric for a moment and look at that. Why her? Why Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton? (Google "Operation Black Eagle" for a hint. Also, look for Noreiga to die suddenly before he can testify against the Bush family in a court in France.)

If she becomes president, NOTHING will change. She will maintain the status quo. Do we really want the status quo? What does her seeming dominance in the race tell you about the people who control our public discourse? Do we really want to support them? Is that what we want?

She's not the only one. Every candidate up there will maintain the status quo. Except for maybe Ron Paul, but no matter how many straw polls he wins, it won't matter. (As an aside, have you noticed that the first straw poll, Huckabee or Romny won - I can't remember - and Paul came in 5th. They never mentioned that he was 5th, but covered the straw poll like it was the biggest story in the world. Now that Ron Paul has been winning every straw poll, you hear the crickets chirping.) Anyway, as I was saying, every single candidate up there, except for MAYBE Ron Paul, will support and maintain the status quo. It's just that Clinton is the most overt, in-your-face candidate. If she gets elected it will be a gigundous "Frell You" to the U.S. and the world at large.

[Note: The main reason Ron Paul won't win is he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve. Recently deceased Aaron Russo made an excellent documentary on the Federal Reserve that everyone should see: America: Freedom to Fascism. After you watch that, you'll understand why Ron Paul is dangerous to the power elite and why he'll never be allowed to win.]

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