Monday, August 27, 2007

That unsettled feeling.

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While the prospect of a Fredo-free justice department is heartwarming and all, let us not forget the litany of things he has been responsible for. Besides his dismal history with Gov. GW as his legal counsel, he managed: the attorney firings, calling parts of the Geneva Conventions "quaint", setting up GITMO, warrentless searches, setting up military tribunals, sanctioning torture, lying under oath, spying on US citizens, just to name a few. He's been quite a pox on this country. (And you know who's name is floating around as his replacement? Chertoff. Because he did so well with the Katrina debacle. 'natch.) Hell, Gonzo made Ashcroft look reasonable. But I also can't believe he's getting away so easily.

Well, I can believe it actually. Look. Tenet got a friggin' medal for chrissakes

But why now? Why on a Monday so folks have a whole week's worth of news cycles to masticate and digest? Why the distraction?

The fact that he's gone this week, Rove left last week, and Stone will be gone in a few weeks, is a lot. Is it just a bunch of them deciding to get out now because leaving after labor day would be too "newsy"? Or is it rats jumping a ship? I have no idea. But I do know that the conspiracy boards are rumbling. Now, I don't normally repeat gossip heard on the 'net... OK. Yeah, I normally do. But that's neither here nor there. The gossip on the net is that someone is betting (short-sell options) that the market will crash by mid to late September. It's a $4.5 billion bet. They could be betting China will dump the dollar, or it could be worse, they could be betting on another 9/11 event. Some things that point to a 9/11 type, false-flag attack are: Bush will be in Australia on the 9th of September for an APEC meeting, VERY far away. A group of US opposition political leaders are saying that there is a Cheney faction that will orchestrate the attack. Meanwhile, the conspiracy boards are all aflutter over rumors of either multiple biological or chemical attacks all over the country or a single nuclear attack in Portland, Oregon. Also, there is a report that national guard troops are being sent to (or rotated in to, I don't know) Washington, DC. And as an aside, or maybe in addition to, there are the some questionable reports of the missing weapons and supplies that were supposed to end up in Iraq, ending up in South America, where you might remember, the Bush family has just purchased a lot of property.

Why mention all this unsubstantiated gossip? Well, I feel like the more people who read or hear stuff like this, the more difficult it makes things for the powers-that-be.

With all of that being said though, we should keep in mind that Rumsfeld resigned THE DAY BEFORE the republicans lost control of Congress in the election of 2006. The thoughts are the he was against the escalation. What might Rove/Gonzales/Stone be against? Think of everything Gonzales has done - the torture, the spying, etc. - and just try to imagine what he'd actually be AGAINST.


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At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

There have been so many nefarious acts by bush/cheney & co. that it makes it difficult to guess what they will do, and there is only one thing guaranteed - whatever it is that's coming WILL NOT be to the benefit of Americans or America.

With our pre-Magna Carta legal system I fear for us all. Martial law would rip this country apart, but I saw a lot of these same signs just before Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines. It was a nightmare.


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