Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crap I don't want to hear today.

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Today is 9/11, as if there is ANY way to NOT know that. The MSM gets so excited over the whole day, what with the memorials and the speeches and the actual day-of imagery they get to re-broadcast over and over and over again. Blah blah blah blah, blah, ... blah.

But did they ever ONCE get critical of the official story? No. If they had, we'd have the real culprits behind bars already. Or they'd at least be on the run. But noooooo, they're still running the country. (Guess which country to which I am referring. G'head.)

This is a day to mourn, sure. People died. But it's a day to get REALLY ticked off too. Get ticked off when you here the stupid statements like:

They hate us for our freedom.
We're fighting them there so they don't come over here.
Saddam Hussein supported 9/11.
No one could've predicted they'd use planes as missiles.
They caught us by surprise.
The fires caused the buildings to collapse.
Flight 93 was taken down by hero passengers.
George Bush made us feel secure during those days.

I could come up with a lot more, but I'm too annoyed. Now, I have to go to work in New York City. My office will dutifully hold a memorial service and have a moment of silence. My RSS feeds will be full of more news about the most recent faked "bin Laden" video and I'll have to ride the subway where I could be subjected to a fourth-amendment challenged law that allows two thugs dressed like cops to fondle whatever is in my bag -- and possibly me if they deem it necessary -- all in the name of "security." I'll call my mom to say "hey" and "they" could be listening. I'll also be photographed by a myriad of security cameras. Hell, this blog post may even be cataloged and saved for future reference (or prosecution).

This is not American.

I'm TIRED of what America has become.

Update: I have an idea for a 9/11 drinking game (as crass and tasteless as that is): Every time you hear any derivative of the word "somber," you have to do a shot of whiskey.



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