Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Stupid Senatorial Tricks

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Senator Bob Casey (D-Penn) is speaking on the floor of the Senate right now, sounding more like a Republican than the Republicans hawking for war with Iran.

He is spouting administration points just like any good little automaton, from not allowing them to have nuclear technology, to sponsoring terror, allegedly attacking US forces, and supposedly supplying weapons to terrorist groups. Oh, he put in the obligatory talking point that we should try sanctions first, but that we will use force "if necessary." Some flowery words about forcing Iran to bend to our will, as if America owns the world and can do anything bush desires.

How a state smart enough to keep John Murtha in the House for the last thirty-seven years could elect such an easily bamboozled Senator as Casey is beyond me.

Now that bush has more "bipartisan" support in addition to the non-binding resolution passed by the Senate labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group, it is just a matter of time before we destroy much of Iran AND any shred of trust left to us in the world.

Iran, as a signer of the NPT has an absolute right to nuclear power, and if we bomb the $hit out of their reactors, kill a few hundred thousands of totally innocent Iranians for these bogus reasons put forth by bush and sycophants from both parties, America will only reinforce any claims that Americans support the genocide of Muslims, and that we use genocide to steal the resources of Muslim countries.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. We're definitely going to have another world war. Russia and China are not going to sit by and do nothing, especially if bush is ignorant enough to use nukes against a non-nuclear armed nation.

Now Senator Feingold is discussing the Eastern Congo. I wonder why it is that NOT ONE senator recognizes or discusses our genocide of the Iraqi people, whom we have killed in much larger numbers, just to steal their oil.

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