Friday, October 12, 2007

Salome's dance

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There will be a day of reckoning for mainstream media. There has to be. Nobody trusts it any more. Well, nobody with any sort of a brain, that is. The veils started to fall during the Clinton administration. Like the infamous dance, one veil has fallen after the other, revealing more and more of the naked truth. And similar to the dance, at the end of it, something’s ‘head’ will be on a platter. What’s left to be decided is what. Will it be that of our collective society's soul or the MSM itself. By dancing, Salome’s goal was to seduce Herod so that he would do her bidding: she wanted the head of John the Baptist. What does MSM want? At the end of it, they want total control, total ability to manipulate so that they may collect their profits unhindered. Unfortunately for them, their dance is not as intentional as Salome's. They are not purposefully shedding their veils. It is their hubris that is causing the veils to fall. Still, at the end of it, it may not matter why the dance was done, only that it did. How we respond to it will determine what ends up on the platter.

What we’re left with is what should be obvious to all: The MSM is a pure, capitalistic entity and nothing more. It’s sole motivation is profit. Profit neither feeds nor protects. Profit doesn’t need shoes. Profit doesn’t need a car. Profit doesn’t even need to eat. As Mr. Vidiot says, “It’s the height of the rationality of irrationality”

MSM is not there to inform. It is there to manipulate. While it does not need expensive shoes or a car, it manipulates others into needing expensive shoes or a car. MSM manufactures ideas, thoughts, wants, needs, all with the final goal being amassing more profit for itself. Profit is it its sustenance and life-blood. It does NOT serve the public; never has, never will. MSM tells YOU who it wants you to vote for. MSM tells YOU what you want to buy. MSM tells YOU what wars we will wage, who we should imprison and who should be exploited.

If you view all media like that, you’ll start to see the exposed narratives for what that are: manipulations and social control. Everything from the so-called hard-hitting news program to the seemingly innocuous advertisement for hand soap. From sit-coms to dramas, from sci-fi to PBS, every single image, sound, and word is chosen with one thing in mind: to maximize profit. It’s a pure capitalistic entity. Sure, some of things are more fun to watch than others, and sometimes, very rarely, irreverence or unintended honesty will subvert some major pillar of thought and/or control, momentarily peeling back a curtain for an all too brief glimpse at what lies beneath. But those moments are very rare.

What caused this diatribble of mine here? It started with Rivero over at his website. He posted the following excerpt from a transcript from CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT
Excerpt: " And they came to us because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to lose right there and they needed some first aid. They needed some bandaging. What they needed was a paramedic. So they came to us and we did it and that's what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Russert that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, 'Why?' I said, 'The Gennifer Flowers interview.' He said, 'You got him the nomination.' I said, 'I know that.' As far as I know from the conversations I've had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that, Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it 'cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming on that night.

"You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very sick candidate. He needed very strong medicine, and I'm not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination and as I said to Mandy, 'You know if I'd edited it your way, you know where you'd be today? You'd still be up in New Hampshire looking for the nomination.' He became the candidate that night. -- DON HEWITT, Executive Producer, "60 Minutes" as captured on video tape in "The Clinton Chronicles"
Then there were the various and sundry stories about how Ron Paul hasn’t been getting equal time during the debates and how online polls that show him winning by extreme margins are deleted because, well, they just can’t possibly be true.

And then I thought, how dare they decide for me who is and is not a top-tier candidate. F! them. Really.

And that’s where it came from.

Just in case you were wondering.

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