Monday, October 29, 2007

Would you care for some coffee with that yellowcake?

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Just a thought: seemingly everyone in our current maladministration talks of a nightmare scenario of a "dirty bomb" being detonated in a densely populated city resulting, of course, in disbursement of radioactive material that would harm a lot of people.

bush/cheney have made it crystal clear that they are going to attack Iran and kill a couple of hundred thousand Iranians to "stop them from gaining the knowledge to build a nuclear weapon." Contrary to their lies that Iran may have a bomb by this weekend, Mohammed El Baradei of the IAEA, who was absolutely correct about Saddam not having a nuclear program, says that Iran is at least several years away from possessing the know-how and ability to manufacture a nuke.

But something rarely spoken of bothers me a great deal: Iran has uranium mines and will soon be making its own yellowcake. So when bush starts the bombing it would seem to me that, although Iran does not have any nuclear weapons, they do happen to possess a great deal of radioactive material with which they could pack bombs and missile warheads to increase the danger from those weapons exponentially.

Iran is not Iraq. When bush orders the attack to begin Iran has some 11,000 missiles of varying range that could easily be packed with radioactive material.

Does anyone watching the debacle in Iraq reasonably expect that all the consequences of attacking Iran have been thought through sufficiently to anticipate "dirty bombs" being carried into, and detonated, in a shopping mall near you?

After all, these are the same brilliant strategists that planned the Iraq Oil War, so doesn't it just make you brim with confidence that they have planned the Iran Oil War just as brilliantly as they planned for Iraq?

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