Thursday, October 25, 2007

Iran War: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

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CNN took a break briefly from their 24-hour "Breaking News" segment just long enough for Condi Rice, bush office wife, to announce a new round of sanctions being unilaterally imposed by America against a variety of groups, such as the Quds Force, and promising to freeze every account Iran has hidden in every piggy bank America can find.

I cannot find any new resolution from the U.N., so bush the bringer of war, death, and genocide to all Muslims, apparently decided that Russia and China, with business ties to Iran, would oppose any further sanctions that the bush warpigs could then interpret as authority for an attack. Putin has clearly stated that Russia will not sit by and allow unrestricted terrorist attacks by America, so they would surely have vetoed any such resolutions.

No wonder the world has come to despise us. Now we're calling armies lawfully raised by a sovereign nation a terrorist group, and by imposing draconian seizure procedures to hurt Iran and those that do business with them, we will indirectly, and in some cases directly, be interfering with the lawful commerce of Iran's business partners whom are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

These acts are, of course, meant to provide or provoke the casus belli for bush to attack Iran with the bunker-busting 30,000 pound bombs that are listed as an item "urgently needed for use by stealth bombers" in bush's new "emergency" request for further war-spending.

This is absolutely insane. Iran is not Iraq, they have thousands of missiles that they will launch immediately upon attack by American forces. And a "shock and awe" campaign such as the one in Iraq will not be so impressive to Iranian armies that will bring the battle outside Iran and attack American interests and Americans throughout the world, and unlike the liar bush saying that "if we don't beat 'em over there they will follow us home and fight us here in America," that will actually be a very real and dangerous possibility and the logical result of being attacked without provocation.

78-million people will band together to fight for Iran with highly sophisticated weapons supplied by China and Russia, countries which may consider this the perfect circumstances for attacking America themselves. After all, our army and marines are both broken forces bogged down in the quicksand of Iraq and steadily destroying our tanks, trucks, armaments, etc., and, after the bombing campaign ceases, our air forces will be similarly depleted.

If Russia and China have decided to stop American imperial hegemony what more perfect opportunity will they ever have again? THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE COMBAT-READY BRIGADE IN AMERICA, we know it, they know it, hell, everyone who reads the papers knows it. Even discounting that, the Iranians have had years of warning from bush that they were part of the "axis of evil" and will thus be much more prepared to carry the fight to us, with bombs going off in crowded theaters, shopping malls, churches, and buildings of commerce as on Wall Street. They can also immediately block the Straits of Hormuz AND go after oil tankers at sea and blast them with the world's fastest underwater torpedo. Traveling at over 200-miles an hour underwater it is clear that no tanker could defend itself against such an attack, and we do not have the forces to escort every oil tanker in the world.

It ain't smart to start wars you can't finish, yet bush has us tied down in two wars we are losing simultaneously, and now is just itchin' to start the third war of his maladministration in less than six years of being in office.

The man is insane, should be seized and taken for a mental competency examination before this crazy bastid destroys the world. bush and cheney both.

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At 10:37 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Excellent post and PERFECT use of the word hegemony. Well done.

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Thank you. I am humbled that persons of intelligence and forward-looking perspective would give me such an accolade.

But I still maintain that we should all go have a tall glass of hegemony and par-tay. Or not. ;>)


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