Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ashcroft willing to be waterboarded.

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It was reported over the last week or so that John Ashcroft is willing to be waterboarded, presumably to demonstrate that this much despised kind of torture doesn't actually kill anyone and therefore can and should be used to extract information from terrorists.

I don't think we should stop there. The government should have Ashcroft kidnapped off the streets of his home city, head bagged in black, clothes torn from his body, a diaper placed on him, and then loaded into an airplane for a journey to an undisclosed black prison.

There he should be chained to the floor of a cell under extremely bright lights, in freezing temperatures, with ice water regularly thrown on him, and forced to remain in this "stress" position until he defecates upon himself while the Dixie Chicks are played at ear-splitting volumes.

Then he may be qualified to even speak about torture, a subject for which he clearly lacks the knowledge to make good judgments.

Oh! And it should continue for several years just to see if he goes insane as Jose Padilla did. Or is he already insane?

Hard to tell with this bunch.

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