Thursday, November 29, 2007

What about all the others?

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By now I think everyone in America has heard the tragic tale of the young boy whose head was doused with gasoline and set afire. It is truly tragic, but through a miraculous combination of caring people, doctors, and lots of media hype this is now becoming one of those "Aw!" feel-good stories by focusing everyone's attention on this one child.

If America really gave a damn about the welfare and safety of Iraqi children we wouldn't be killing them in large numbers, dropping 500-1000 pound bombs to kill one or two "terrorists" and three or four times that many women and children.

With over 2 million Iraqis having fled the country and 2.5 million more internally displaced and living in deplorable conditions, I think the only thing of which we can be assured is that America has killed and maimed forever more children and women than any country of recent note.

We're just so darn good at it. Don't it make you proud of our government?

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