Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A short letter to Harry Reid

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This is the letter I wrote today to Harry Reid, I encourage everyone to write their own:
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your service, but I must object to this nonsense "retroactive immunity" for probable criminals.

As an American I USED to enjoy:

Privacy in my papers, communications, home, and personal effects.
The right to Habeas Corpus.
The right to a speedy trial, not indefinite detention at the whim of the president.
The right to counsel, without that right being stripped from me at the whim of the president.
The right to petition my government for redress, not having my case thrown out on a technical "state secrets' doctrine at the whim of the president.
The right to travel unimpeded, without worrying if some grumpy airline clerk will list me as a security risk and places me on a "no fly" list, a listing I cannot challenge in court.
The right to free speech wherever I am, not just in state-determined "free speech zones."
The right to have the courts determine if there was probable cause for a search warrant of my home, arresting me monitoring my phone calls, or for violating any of the rights listed in those formerly great documents known as "The United States Constitution" and its companion "Bill of rights."

These rights are being slowly taken away from me, and we are now a totalitarian surveillance state with a president who can order extra-judicial kidnappings, confinement forever while being tortured relentlessly (to the point of insanity in the Jose Padilla case) with no charges, trial, or attorney, and, horribly, a president who orders extra-judicial assassinations with 500-2000 pound bombs or a quiet bullet in the back of someone's head.

America is America no longer and I must respectfully ask you and your fellow senators to return to honoring the oath you took to protect our Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic, something that is obviously not being done, as I am witnessing the destruction of our Constitution from within by the most power hungry and most secretive administration in American history.

I am also watching every tax dollar and every dollar we can borrow vanishing into that black hole called Iraq while our schools, infrastructure, children, the elderly, and the infirm are falling farther and farther behind, and a "middle class" that also being destroyed as almost every househild now must have two or more family members working to barely make ends meet.

Please, Sir, stop this madness.

Sincerely, Bill Arnett

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