Monday, December 17, 2007

You might not have noticed

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Since MSM is horrible at covering such things, that Ron Paul took in over $6 million in one day yesterday. He’s also $6 million over his end of year goal of $12 million.

No matter what you think of the man’s politics, you have to be impressed. But my favorite part of the Ron Paul story are the youtube love letters his supporters make. Here’s one advertising the Tea Party donation day (which was yesterday)

And here’s one that’s sort of a Ron Paul/Network the movie mash-up.

That one is my favorite thus far. Though, both videos, and most of the others that I’ve seen really tweak my pet peeve of bad typesetting. I grimace every time I see the wrong kind of apostrophe used or paragraphs where the first line is longer than the second. But that’s just me.

But the best endorsement of Ron Paul I’ve read thus far is an open letter to anarchists:
If Ron Paul were to actually win, he would indeed fail to smash the state entirely. That is neither his intention nor his promise. However, he would clearly move American society far closer toward the anarchist ideal. He would put to rest the most tyrannical and hierarchical organization as it concerns international affairs – the US empire. He would close down the American bases on foreign soil, halt the murderous invasions and bombings, stop dictating terms to other nations, and end the horrifying US regime of torture and indefinite, unchecked detentions. He would end the war on terror, which the two parties intend to maintain for a lifetime. All this alone would make Paul a remarkably unique president. On the world scene, it would finally mean anarchy between nations: There would be no global policeman, the role currently executed by the US government.

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