Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bush proves that his government is for sale…

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…or at least parts of it are going on sale soon.

With all the chutzpah, hubris, and arrogance bush can muster (and that's quite a bit), bush will now charge congressmen $200.00 per copy for a look at his proposed budget.

From Raw Story comes this ludicrous nonsense:
Lawmakers to be charged $200 for previously free paper copies

In a move it says is aimed at saving money and trees, the Bush administration plans to charge lawmakers $200 for copies of this year's federal budget.

Democrats and Republicans alike groaned about the decision, telling The Hill that the extra expenses will not be easy to find in already strained budgets.

“It’s pennywise and pound-foolish,” Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC), a member of the House Budget Committee, told the newspaper. “I don’t think as a member of Congress that I should have to take money out of my account [for the president’s budget request].”[…]

Even some Republicans scoffed at the idea of squinting at a computer screen to read through 2,000-plus pages of fine print on federal spending proposals.

“I think people who request a copy of the budget should be given it gratis,” Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.), another Budget panel member, told The Hill. “You want something in your hand so you can thumb through it and mark it up and reference it.”
First of all, bush is now suddenly a conservationist wanting to save trees after ok'ing the clear-cutting of forests and the destruction of much more forest by allowing many thousands of new mines in, on, and around the Rocky Mountains that is certain to kill millions more trees than necessary to supply everyone in America with a copy of his budget?

Here's a good idea for the congress: refuse to consider any budget offered by the president until they receive a written version that my be scoured and marked up for corrections, modifications, or different opinions. If he will not provide it, don't even calendar it for any consideration by committees or the bodies of congress.

Haven't we had a fifth grader running this country long enough? Don't talk to anyone you don't like; promise to break any laws that you choose; charge people for documents the government is obliged to provide; refuse to listen to the grownups in your own party; trying to peek up Nancy Pelosi's skirt…uh…okay, I made that last one up, but I think my point is obvious.

Thank the spirits that be, if any, that the petulant little boy running the White House will be gone soon and forever irrelevant after that.

The only things people will remember bush for is illegal wars badly fought and lost, the bankruptcy of America, and that he is the worst world leader any country has ever had including, sadly enough, America right now.

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