Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I don’t know quite what to do with this sort of information

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I have two screen shots here from the GOP portion of the website. The shots are of vote tallies for 1:23am and 11:23am this morning. Now look at the columns for McCain and Paul. Watch what happens to the votes in the columns, how they just move over to McCain and there's some sort of mystery column that disappears. BUT, McCain's total was always what it was.

I dunno. It seems really hinky to me. Could just be a spread sheet screwup, but it could also NOT be a spread sheet screw up.

(If you can use photoshop, you can really see the movement as an animation if you put each of them on layers and just click one off and on.)

Update: (Corrected time and fixed links)

Update 2: Honestly, I don’t want to sound like anything has been hacked here. It really could just be a matter of the spread sheet being screwed up. (Shame on But it does make one think, hmmmm, if it's so easy to fix a mistake, then it must be just as easy to make one happen. Watch that video I linked to up there. Especially in relation to the Hillary/Obama thing. Why are the machines even trusted? How hard is it to do it by hand? When I was a poll worker, I had to do it by hand and it's not so bad.

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