Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh. My. God. I can imagine foreign policy meetings…

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Headline from The Huffington Post: "Clinton: Tearing Up "Could Well Have Been" My Turnaround"

I can just see it now, Hillary at an important war council/foreign policy meeting, surrounded by some of the most intelligent and prestigious advisors in the world, stamping her widdle foot, pulling out her hair, crying great big crocodile tears, threatening to hold her breath 'til she turns blue, and crying that she will rip the head off her favorite dolly unless the big, bad men let her serve imaginary tea in imaginary teacups and then let her have her way after she finishes doing the imaginary dishes.

Why, the only way to console her would be to hustle her right on down to Toy's 'r' Us and buy her a brand new dolly.

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