Sunday, January 20, 2008

Would like a little outrage with your coffee this morning?

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Why I watch the Sunday talk shows is a mystery to me. More than a few times on any given Sunday, you will find me wiping down my computer, my TV, or my coffee table with a rag because at some point, some yahoo has said or done something so ludicrous that it made me do a spit take. This morning's absurdity happened as as soon as I switched on the TV. It was ABC's This Week with George. He was interviewing Rudy Giuliani, and the first question was something like "Ron Paul beat you in Nevada and South Carolina, how do you respond to that?" and Mr. Vidiot and I BOTH did a spit take and started laughing because rather than have Ron Paul on, the winner versus "superstar" Rudy in two recent contests, they'd rather have the loser on to talk about how he's not really a loser. Right now I'm torturing myself by listening to Tim Russert's round table about the "Race for the Presidency" OH. MY. GOD. What a bunch of goddamned idiots. Just watching them frame the discourse, set the rules and bolster their fabricated arguments makes me want to pull my hair out.

"McCain's passion lays in honor"
"Hillary Clinton will unify the Republican party"
"Obama has independent support"

I mean, I could go on with the stupid statements, but you get my drift.

It's all so meaningless.

Why do I watch them? I'm not a rubbernecker. I'm not one to slow my car down and look at an accident. Yet I watch these train wrecks.

Jeebus! Now they're talking about Giuliani like he could be the nominee!!


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