Thursday, February 28, 2008

"bush pledg[ed] to continue speaking out about the issue until the American people…

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… understand and, by implication, the lawmakers follow the will of their constituents." From the NYT quoting pResident bush regarding the telecom immunity bill he so fervently desires.

A person would think that the world's most well-known admitted liar, and worst president in American history, might stop to consider that the people have listened to him long enough over the last seven years to know that no good can come from giving criminals retroactive immunity for their unreported crimes.

Let him use his power to pardon any potential criminals and face the judgment of the American people and the world. bush, just like anyone else, must not be permitted to escape any consequences for his illegal actions.

At least he will never be able to leave the U.S. again without fear of being arrested for his war crimes and transported to the Hague for prosecution. Isn't that a pleasant thought?

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