Thursday, February 07, 2008

Existence of super-duper secret Camp 7 for "high value detainees"

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Today the AP, via the Huffington Post we learn of a super-duper super secret Camp 7, a hitherto unknown, unannounced, not-spoken-of-under-penalty-of death, high security detainee camp for the very worst of the worst of the baddest mofos on the planet: about 15 of whom are believed to be actual, real, authentic, accept-no-substitutes, genuine al-Qaeda members (not like the several hundred other detainees held for years now at Gitmo without charges or hope of release):
Somewhere amid the cactus-studded hills on this sprawling Navy base, separate from the cells where hundreds of men suspected of links to al-Qaida and the Taliban have been locked up for years, is a place even more closely guarded _ a jailhouse so protected that its very location is top secret.

For the first time, the top commander of detention operations at Guantanamo has confirmed the existence of the mysterious Camp 7. In an interview with The Associated Press, Rear Adm. Mark Buzby also provided a few details about the maximum-security lockup.

Guantanamo commanders said Camp 7 is for key alleged al-Qaida members, who must be kept apart from other prisoners to prevent them from retaliating against long-term detainees who have talked to interrogators. They also want the location kept secret for fear of terrorist attack.[…]

While some military personnel have reportedly grumbled about being kept out of the loop, others don't mind.

Army Col. Larry James, whose team of psychologists assists interrogators, said he does not want to know where Camp 7 is.

"I learned a long, long time ago, if I'm going to be successful in the intel community, I'm meticulously _ in a very, very dedicated way _ going to stay in my lane," he said. "So if I don't have a specific need to know about something, I don't want to know about it. I don't ask about it."
Isn't this a little like not wanting to know where the bodies are buried when the truth of torture and deaths from torture eventually finds its way into the public domain? It's bound to happen sooner or later, the truth will out, and it's just a tad tacky that you want to claim innocence through ignorance.

And as to not wanting to know where Camp 7 is, Colonel, leader of Psychologists Assisting In New Tortures (PAINT), its too late.

Third outhouse behind the fourth cactus by the south beach hot dog stand; just enter, pull off EXACTLY 6 pieces of toilet paper, and the hidden elevator will whisk you down 34 levels below the surface to where the real $hit is happening. The stuff you don't want to even know about, even though you're in charge of PAINT.

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