Monday, February 04, 2008

Doesn't it make you nuts?

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This country is overwhelmingly anti-war, yet Paul, Gravel and Kucinich were totally marginalized and they were the ONLY candidates (maybe Edwards a little bit) that were clear on getting out troops out of Iraq.

Think about that for a minute: the country is OVERWHELMINGLY anti-war and yet, the two biggest warmongers in the party, Hillary and McCain are the leaders.

Ron Paul signs are EVERYWHERE. I mean, EVERYWHERE. My friend in Ohio told me that Macedonia is plastered with Ron Paul lawn signs. She said she couldn’t drive down a block without seeing one if not several. Paul packs them in wherever he goes, yet, do you see him on any of the morning talk shows? Not recently. Not this close to “super Tuesday.” You’ve seen Huckabee, who has weak support. But not Paul. Paul’s raised the most money of any of the other GOP contenders, but he’s not even mentioned in most articles or even get his picture included on website splash pages. You’ll see the heads of the other three stooges, but not Paul. Yeah, he doesn’t seem to garner a lot of votes in an actual election. So, I guess we’re supposed to believe that all those people who bother to stick a sign on their lawn or put a button on their cap just aren’t making it to the polls. Really? And McCain? Seriously? Are people really that dumb? That man is as much of a menace as Bush. And Romney, frankly, is just an empty suit.

Meanwhile, on the dem side, they’ve christened Obama a member of the Kennedy clan (and that’s a good thing?) and Hillary, despite the fact she has the highest negatives of any candidate I’ve ever seen, still manages to get votes. Really? And Kucinich gets portrayed as too liberal because he dares to suggest that the war was based on lies and the troops should come home? That’s freakin' liberal?

Do you see a pattern here? Who’s running the elections? It’s not we the people. The MSM chooses their patsies and the machines — and not just the voting machines but the party machines as well -- do the rest. Frankly, I’m beginning to feel like the elections are too farcical to participate in. They should just do away with the façade and cancel all elections and put in whomever they want to put in and be done with it. Save us the billions of dollars and the supreme waste of time.

I swear, if it comes down to Hillary v McCain, I will, and I mean WILL, write in goddamn “Daffy Duck.”



At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul was here the other day. It was mentioned on the news that he was coming & where & when. His turn out was pathetic. The news coverage showed a lot of empty seat in a fairly small room.

Willard drew about 600 & Obama filled a 20,000 seat arena plus an overflow room and many more turned away.

Not that I am for or against any of those just noting the drawing power here in the Midwest.

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh also Hillary drew about 2000 for her televised town hall thingy

At 4:19 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Paul's turnout could've been pathetic... or it could've been the media got there early and people hadn't arrived yet... or late and folks had already left... or they shot it from a bad angle. I don't know. I don't trust any of the images I see on TV anymore. They're all fabricated to prove some point or fulfill some agenda. And if it was truly pathetic turnout, is it the man, is it the fact that his message never really makes it out there because the noise about the rest of the candidates is just so overwhelming.

See? It's all so farcical. Can't trust any of it.

Thanks for commenting though and I passed on your info to "Dave" (yes, he's an actual person, no matter how much he he likes to believe otherwise.)


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