Friday, February 15, 2008

Headline for the day…

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…from the NYT:
Bleak New Batch of Data on Economy
What do you reckon finally clued them in? The subprime market crash? Banks and Wall Street having to borrow billions and billions from the Chinese? That real wages have fallen for every year bush has been in office? That there are more poor, infirm, and elderly going to bed hungary or having to choose between direly needed medication or the can of cat food they will have for dinner? Or, from the article synopsis: New reports showed rising prices of imported goods, struggling manufacturing and an erosion in consumer confidence? That the stock markets are doing crap? The cost of oil rising again? The crashing and rapid devaluing of American currency? Gas and groceries going through the roof? Runaway inflation of 18%?

Or is it that pResident bush can't wring a penny more out of our economy, or borrow enough from our bankers and financiers, the Communist Party of China, to throw into the black hole (it's actually a black lake of $hit large enough to be seen from outer space) on earth we call the bush Iraq fiasco?

Gee, I wonder.

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