Friday, February 08, 2008

Torture is OK, according to the US government.

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So, it’s official, the US of A tortures people. Bush said so and Cheney said “word up” while nodding his head.

There you go, the gloves are off.

If any of our soldiers get taken, they can now be tortured.
How long before they start doing that crap to US citizens? (oh wait, they have)
What’s next, genocide? Staged Terror? (oh wait, they've already done that)
Anyone think that any other country is going to give a shit about the US after this admission? Beyond making sure they don’t piss us off so much, because after all, these crazies have nukes?
Moral high ground? Gone.
Respect? Gone.
Any warm and fuzzy feelings towards us? Gone.

Boy, I have to say, if it was the US government’s goal to piss off the entire planet, then they’ve accomplished it with aplomb.

How the hell did we get to this point?

UPDATE by The Sailor:
Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey said this morning that waterboarding was deemed legal by the Justice Department at the time it was used by the CIA on three al-Qaeda captives, and as a result the Justice Department "cannot possibly" investigate whether a crime occurred.
Mukasey made the same argument today in connection with the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program, saying there was no possibility that the Justice Department would investigate that program because it had been approved under Justice legal opinions.
Opinions are like a$$holes and this a$$hole should have a different opinion, an opinion that follows US and International law.



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