Friday, February 15, 2008

Z-o-o-o-w-e-e! David Brooks…

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recommends that Republicans commit themselves to spending more money than ever on improving our educational system while noting in a previous paragraph that our system has been steadily declining for the last thirty years.

What happened thirty years ago? Reaganomics and the trickle down system, four years of bush 1 that it took eight years of Bill Clinton dragging rethugs kicking and screaming all the way into the largest surpluses ever, and then bush 2, whose incompetence at EVERYTHING is now legendary, and that has put us so far in debt that he does nothing but make cuts in children's programs and education for our children. Gotta get that Iraqi Oil, y'know? Heh, heh.

Good call, Mr Brooks, but you either can't be serious or you have ignored the fact that we are where we are because of the GOP, the party of fiscal responsibility. The rest of the article is equally propagandistic.

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