Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A brief NOLA report

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I love NOLA. The old, the new, the weird and the ridiculously fun NOLA.

Not much time for this, but here goes:

Ate LOTS of Crawfish
Went back to the Myrtles Plantation where we photographed what looked like a spirit myst or two. (Compare the two sides. It wasn't a foggy night and that's NOT Mr. Vidiot's finger)
Verdict: After two visits and two nights of night terror dreams, we will no longer be spending the night at the Myrtles. We'll visit, but stay elsewhere.

Saw an honest to god second line
Yes, that's music in the streets, dancing, drinking, laughing, crying, and there was no permit filed with the police department. They had just buried somebody and were marching to Preservation Hall from the cemetary. And nobody stopped them and everybody joined in.

We also visited Marie Laveau‘s grave (She was the voodoo queen. The three X marks are for making a wish which she is rumored to grant on some occasions.)
That's all I have time for. You all will have to go there yourself to see what I'm talking about. Yes, there are parts that are still wiped out, but generally, it's all good.



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