Monday, April 21, 2008

When your military just isn't broke enough go and give 'em a lot of guff…

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… which seems to be the purpose of Gates' latest comments slamming the Air Force:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday the Air Force is not doing enough to help in the Iraq and Afghanistan war effort, complaining that some military leaders are "stuck in old ways of doing business."

Gates said in a speech at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., that getting the Air Force to send more surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to Iraq and Afghanistan has been "like pulling teeth."

Addressing officer students at the Air Force's Air University, the Pentagon chief praised the Air Force for its overall contributions but made a point of urging it to do more and to undertake new and creative ways of thinking about helping the war effort instead of focusing mainly on future threats.

"In my view we can do and we should do more to meet the needs of men and women fighting in the current conflicts while their outcome may still be in doubt," he said. "My concern is that our services are still not moving aggressively in wartime to provide resources needed now on the battlefield."[…]

He likened the urgency of the task force's work to that of a similar organization he created last year to push for faster production and deployment of mine-resistant, ambush-protected armored vehicles that have been credited with saving lives of troops facing attacks by roadside bombs in Iraq.
So in other words Gates is pleading for the equipment they should have had ready before the war commenced, just like body armor, and specially armored vehicles for the troops.

There was no mention of how many of our troops have died needlessly because the bush maladministration failed to properly plan and prepare for war.

And without a single combat-ready brigade available on our continent to defends us in the event of a sudden attack, maybe the Air Force, unlike Gates, bush, and cheney, realizes that some resources should be held back for a fight with a REAL enemy and not the mythical and useless war on terra which has no bounds, will never end, and that is depriving the citizens of America the just attention and monetary policies required of our leadership to actually provide a functioning government of, by, and for the people.

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