Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sometimes you innately call it right…

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…speaking of the inanity and irrelevance of David Brooks, see the Huffington Post's article by Jason Linkins regarding Brooks' latest debacle of a column and then compare it to the posting I made here Friday.

Just goes to show ya that we here at VidiotSpeak remain o.d. (out dere), ahead of our time, way past the curve, over the rainbow, and retain the prescience to call David Brooks as I see him, which is pretty much the way, apparently, a lot of people look upon him: as a slimy little worm so full of himself that there ain't room for a cogent thought to squeeze into his brain.

Seriously, go read Mr. Linkins' article and my post; any difference is in language used by the writers, as the quotations from the article parallel those in my post.

Not braggin', just pointin' out the facts.

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