Monday, May 12, 2008

Bob Barr hits McLame in the fracas - And John didn't like it…

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…I could never in my heart forgive Bob Barr (R-GA) or any of the sour-faced, petulant, and smarmy members the House Judiciary Committee, then led by Henry (Tan My) Hyde, now retired, for their expenditure of more funds trying to impeach Bill Clinton than we have during the alleged "Wanted - Dead or Alive" non-search for Osama bin Laden recently abandoned by the bush maladministration!

I forgive him now, not that it matters to anyone but me, but today when he announced he was now the candidate for the Libertarian Party for '08 I was ecstatic.

Talk about spoilers! Now every Republican who just cannot hold their nose long enough to vote McLame have a very popular "true conservative" who despises bush and everything he has done to this country.

Barr will be a Ralph Nader on 'roids, ripping apart the shallow 28% who still favor bush and giving the rest a REAL conservative to vote for. And any debate on the real constitutional issues that face the country will leave McLame cryin' crocodile tears, pouting, sucking his thumb, and whining that, "It's MY turn to be president, MY turn! Not Bob Barr! I've spent the last eight years selling out on every position, flip-flopping my ass off, given my soul to people I used to call divisive and evil, I even made a pact with the Devil to continue eternal war to seek damnation of the souls of millions of innocent people, and I've blown BOTH bush and cheney (It's at least a good thing they both had itty-bitty penis's so I could do both at the same time, isn't it?)."

It's once again a "good morning" for America. God didn't make little green apples; didn't need to with the basketful after basketful John McLame keeps shi, uh…excreting, excreting, that's the ticket.

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