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Disgusting Headline Demonstrates How Bushco & Mcain REALLY Feel about "The Troops"

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…from the article today titled, "Some War Dead Were Cremated at Facility Handling Pets…" which by the very title alone demonstrates the disdain, careless disregard, and inhumanity of the Bush maladministration in which bush, cheney, gates, rice, and others have relegated cremation services to outside contractors that perform cremation of pets to the general public. AND THEY'VE BEEN DOING SO SINCE 2001.

From the article:
The U.S. military has, since 2001, cremated some of the remains of American service members killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere at a Delaware facility that also cremates pets, a practice that ended yesterday when the Pentagon banned the arrangement.

The facility, located in an industrial park near Dover Air Force Base, has cremated about 200 service members, manager David A. Bose estimated last night. It uses separate crematories a few feet apart to cremate humans and animals, he added, insisting that there had "not been any people gone through the pet crematory."

Pentagon officials said they do not think that human remains and animal remains were ever commingled at the facility. "We have absolutely no evidence whatsoever at this point that any human remains were at all ever mistreated," Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said at a news conference hastily convened last night.[…}

Bose said the Army officer "got in a huff because he saw the sign and went back and really stirred up the pot." The officer attended the cremation because no relatives of the deceased soldier were present, Bose said, adding that the officer left without speaking to him or asking any questions. [Personally, I would have gotten out of there to keep from kicking somebody's ass for this last, final insult to ourfighting men and women Bill][…}

Air Force Secretary Michael W. Wynne directed yesterday that the service "cease using the off-site crematory, use only crematory facilities that are co-located with licensed funeral homes, and have a military presence during the off-base process at the funeral home facilities," Morrell said.

Military officials said they are concerned that the new requirements, such as that the crematory be located with a funeral home, could slow the cremation process.

"Dover is a relatively small city . . . so there is a limitation in terms of the number of facilities that could do that," he said.

Even the suggestion of impropriety with cremations touched a raw nerve at the Pentagon.

Military culture instills that showing respect for the fallen is an extremely important and solemn duty. Funerary rituals such as removing flags from military caskets and presenting them to the deceased's family are carried out meticulously, while other demonstrations of respect include personally delivering news of the loss of a loved one to the next of kin.

The officer who went to Delaware did so "to be a physical presence, to be a part of that bond that is so unique to this warrior ethos in our profession," Lt. Gen. David H. Huntoon Jr., director of the Army Staff, said. Instead, he said, the officer found conditions that he considered "insensitive."
So apparently they knew this was a wrong thing to do, but for bush/cheney its all one big party under their control until November.

And the fact that they disbanded this disgrace in world record time and started covering their asses in the MSM show they were aware of what a political hot potato this issue will be with the blame game of who approved what, when, and how long did they know this without giving families the option of taking their lost hero and giving him/her a respectful cremation, at a respectable crematory devoted to human beings exclusively.

I absolutely revile bush and cheney for so many things. This is just next on the list.

How does this feel to all the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and children who should be told, "We cremated your hero along with old Rover over there because there just wasn't room at the mortuary. We do however offer a wide selection of tasteful urns,…here's one rabbits…there's another over there with puppies,…and, well, you get the point."

bush is directly to blame, although that chickensh*t bastard will soon be on the run from authorities around the world and fairly much confined to quarters.

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