Friday, July 04, 2008

If you want some fun, go to Disneyland with your gun…

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…articles such as this used to infuriate me to no end, but the Republicans, GOP, Compassionate Conservative, neocons and their newly stacked SCOTUS have surely taught me a lesson.

Disney is on its way to a head-on collision with the NRA after continuing the ban on employees bringing guns onto Disney property and leaving the weapon locked in the glove box or their car.

And by golly, the NRA makes sense to me on this one: however is a Disney employee supposed to handle unruly children and out-of-control parents armed with stuffed animals, cotton candy, and those little blower horn things that drive everyone mad, especially without their guns to respond with lethal force? if they cannot bring their AK-47, M-4s, Browning Automatic rifles, and M-16s with the underslung 40 mm high explosive grenade launcher just what are they to do?

My god, they would be defenseless! And it would totally wipe out the job market in Florida which everyone knows is based around brainwashing children and their parents as to the vital necessity of packing a .44 Automag, percussion grenades, and those flashy-bangy things to keep those mobs in control.

Just think of it, police and NRA luminaries in a desperate fire-fight against kids who don't know that if you hold your hand with index finger extended and make firing motions with your thumb they can legally blow you away, even if you are checked into the Disney Hotel for the weekend. Besides, next week they'll have the snipers with the b-i-g 50 calibre sniper rifles on rooftop patrol every night.

Is Disney just ignorantly unaware that they just can't keep guns out of their amusement park anymore? So SCOTUS has Spake, and Therefore it Shall be so for all Eternity.

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