Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another useless rumination

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Early on in my life, I worked in a lab doing cardiac research and that job required the beating hearts of rats, which meant I had to guillotine them and cut them open before their hearts stopped beating. Then, I moved on to cancer research. That job required me to harvest antibodies from the peritoneal cavities of little white mice, which meant I had to euthanize them and then suck the fluid out of their guts with a large-gauge needle. At some point during the that job, I had a dream that I was strapped to a gurney and a buxom white mouse in a nursing uniform - complete with little paper hat - wheeled me into an office where a lab rat, using a pointer and crudely drawn picture of a human body, was telling me what experiment he was going to perform on me.

Upon waking, I decided I should change my career path.

This picture brought that all back.

Only in my dream, he was A LOT larger.



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