Friday, August 15, 2008

"Georgia's always on my mind…"

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…I watched the most embarrassing display of political arrogance, stupidity, and sheer whining by condi rice and President Mikheil Saakashvili, who, after invading South Ossetia, which remains loyal to Russia along with Abkhazia, got his ass stomped and stomped hard by the overwhelming force brought to bear by the Russian army.

Of course, the American media is portraying this event as an illegal invasion by Russia, and all the neocon chicken hawks, bush, cheney, rice, gates, kristol and others are making demands that Russia withdraw, all the while knowing that our armed forces have been broken and depleted so badly by bushco's attempt to establish an American Empire surrounding Russia that we cannot possibly enter into an armed conflict with Russia with any expectation of winning.

condi rice in particular keeps whining that, "…it's not 1968 anymore and such actions cannot be tolerated." She's right, it ain't 1968 anymore when we were still a great superpower and the old Soviet Union was on its way to spending itself into bankruptcy trying to keep up in the arms race with America.

Now the situation has been completely reversed and it is Russia that has regained superpower status while watching America spend itself into bankruptcy under the stewardship of the worst American president and sleaziest world leader ever, g.w. bush, who has asininely ignored every statement made by Russian leaders who have repeatedly warned that bushco's reckless policies and actions to establish an American Empire would not go unchallenged.

Saakashvili was foolish enough to be encouraged by the neocons to attack a provence loyal to Russia and one that Russia would inevitably defend with sufficient force to bring Georgia to its knees. Saakashvili rightly believes that the West, and America in particular, have betrayed him and destroyed any chance of himself being thought of as a great leader.

I deplore war, and I feel great sorrow for all the Georgians now suffering from this event, but unfortunately they have only their own leader to blame.

And Russia hardly needs to fear America anymore. Every threat being made, every demand, is meaningless, for we are no longer a superpower with the means or ability to enforce them. Every penny bushco can beg, borrow, or steal is being sucked into the black holes of Iraq and Afghanistan and the entire world now knows America is a paper tiger.

Good job, bushy.

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At 8:08 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

couldn't have said it better myself.

oh, and don't forget -- now russia has total control over the 'road to iran' should the US attack.

with that kind of access, russia can supply Iran with anything it should need.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous bill said...

And the deals have already been signed between Iran and Russia!


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