Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Might Be An Elitist If ...

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You Might Be An Elitist If ...
You have to have your staff count how many homes you have.
You wear $500 shoes.
You were cheating on your crippled first wife with a rich girlfriend.
Your Daddy got you into the Naval Academy and you graduated at the bottom of your class.
You spend more on servants ($273,000) than most Americans spend on homes.
You think that Americans won't do hard work for $50 per hour.
Your entourage takes 9 limos to get a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks.
Of course if you were poor and brought up by a single mom and she said 'this is America, you can grow up to be President' and you believed her? Well, that's just an uppity negro. Or as McCain, Karl Rove & Co. say, an 'elitist.'

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At 2:20 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

You might also be elitist if you can hire doctors that will pronounce you "cancer-free" in less than a year after having to remove melanoma from your face last February and the February before; it would take post people FIVE YEARS to be pronounced cancer free.

I guess I shoulda had better doctors!


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