Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It just blows me away that political hacks like…

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…Fareed Zakaria continue to carry bushco's water and spout the neocon party line of, "Russia invaded Georgia." It would be difficult indeed for anyone of common intelligence and the ability to read to not recognize Zakaria is either a complete idiot or a complete party automaton or a complete propagandist for bushco or…just what?

The title of his article today and the very first paragraph say it all:
[Title]"Moscow's Blunder"
[First paragraph]
Many have described Russia's attack on Georgia as a turning point in international affairs. Pundits thunder that we are returning to an age of great-power conflicts. Globalization and integration have been exposed as shams. Russia is playing this new Great Game with ruthless brilliance, and the United States and Europe are foundering. Almost all of this instant analysis will prove sensationalist and incorrect.
And one last gem I can't leave out:
The attack on Georgia will go down not as the dawn of a new era of Russian power but as a major strategic blunder.…
The obvious strategic blunders present here are the now oft repeated lies that Georgia was invaded without provocation by Russia and that Georgia's foolish reliance on the West, which could not possibly intercede militarily and ride in to the rescue, was somehow going to be interpreted as a good thing, isolating Russia on the world stage.

All simply more of the neocon mantra that if a lie is repeated often enough many people will come to believe that this lie is the truth.

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