Monday, September 01, 2008

Russia Claims Its Sphere of Influence in the World…

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…sez this NYT article, the Russians are making it plain they will no longer sit on their collective asses and allow America to continue to invade their "sphere of influence" as bushco has steadily sought to do:
Speaking to Russian television in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, a day before a summit meeting in Brussels where European leaders were to reassess their relations with Russia, Mr. Medvedev said his government would adhere to five principles.

Russia, he said, would observe international law. It would reject what he called United States dominance of world affairs in a “unipolar” world. It would seek friendly relations with other nations. It would defend Russian citizens and business interests abroad. And it would claim a sphere of influence in the world.

In part, Mr. Medvedev reiterated long-held Russian positions, like his country’s rejection of American aspirations to an exceptional role in world affairs after the end of the cold war.
Even the neocon chicken$hit chickenhawks of bushco can now see that they have sorely tested Russian "invaders-who-invaded-nothing-and-were-themselves-invaded by Georgia's president" with the obvious expectation that tough-talkin' gw bush would back Georgia's military attacks against Russia. With nukes if necessary, as Jonh McInsane likely have done were his finger on the American trigger to fire off those big multiple warheads that would be such crowd-pleasers! [/snark].

Again and again and again it's been exposed to the world bush has proven that our military is so broken, ill-equipped, and now poorly trained that America truly is a very thin-sheeted paper tiger, making the world exponentially more dangerous.

It would be utterly laughable, were the situation were not so dire, to believe NATO (already getting its a$$ kicked in tiny little Afghanistan) can, woulda, shoulda, coulda have posed any threat to the last two great superpowers of Russia and the Red Chinese Communists that have expedited America's pace into total world irrelevancy and laughingstocks.

How can any country such as America be considered a superpower when it is borrowing billions and billions and billions of dollars from the Chinese to fight a war we cannot win and bankrupting America in the process?. (Maybe it's just me, but if ya can't afford to pay for your own wars a country quickly starts losing stability and the respect or fear of its enemies.)

Two superpowers such as Russia and China, with thousands of nukes aimed straight at America, can now continuously be evermore belligerent with America as they know America has only ONE fully equipped and trained Army unit that could possibly put up a token resistance and defense before being crushed by the hugh Russian and Chinese armies that are fully trained and equipped, and that unit is stationed in North Korea

bush and the Rethugs have sold out this country to every special interest, corporation, and crony possible and has conducted the largest transfer of wealth - from the poor to the rich - in the history of all mankind. It is my belief that these actions were pre-planned, carefully and deliberately executed, and that all Americans should drag them all out of their ivory towers and put every neocon on trial for conspiracy to commit war crimes, murder, genocide, theft of resources, and bankrupting America in the name of pure greed and avarice. And oil.

Democracy: who knew so few could corrupt so many and severely damage, if not destroy, our Founding Father's dreams of a country where all were equal under the law, and who wrote our precious Constitution to be a lasting statement of the principles of principled men, not thieves, liars, corruptors, and conspirers who would so damage our democracy and high-standing in the world as a beacon of hope, undoing almost all their heroic efforts and have almost destroyed the government they established over two hundred years ago in less than eight short but excruciatingly painful years of bushco and neocon perfidy?

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