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Go in like bullies, exhaust your people and resources fighting a…

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…war against a country that never, ever posed a threat to America or world peace and now, ironically, having spent America into virtually bankruptcy bushco can only mewl like kittens and make impotent and hollow threats.

See todays NYT article, "Ukraine Condemns Russian Actions." The Georgians talked smack and got the crap kicked out of them for their efforts that weren't and could not possibly be supported by our broken American military forces without resort to nukes, but Russia (and I believe China would assist them, too) could have launched a full scale nuclear attack guaranteed to obliterate us. Here are some very ironic (to me) quotes from the article:
Ukraine said on Wednesday it wanted to discuss charging Russia more for the lease of a Black Sea naval base, a move that could aggravate regional tensions already enflamed by Moscow's conflict with Georgia.

Georgia weighed its response to the Moscow-backed breakaway of two rebel Georgian regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and President Mikheil Saakashvili urged the West to stand firm in upholding international law.

"Russia clearly intended this as a blatant challenge to world order. It's now up to all of us to roll Russian aggression back. If they get away with this, they will carry on ... they will also attack other countries in the neighbourhood," he told Reuters in an interview. ["Quick! Look the other way or you might find out I started all this crap!" shouts Mikheil Saakashvili. Bill]

Russia quickly routed Georgian forces in a brief war over South Ossetia this month, the first time it has sent its forces into combat abroad since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. [Beat 'em in 13.894 seconds, a new world record and Gold medal winner! Bill]

The crisis has rattled the West and alarmed other former Soviet republics with sizeable Russian minorities, particularly Ukraine and the Baltic states. [Geez, ya think if you smack a sleeping bear he might wake up pissed? Bill]

Nogovitsyn accused NATO nations of "ratcheting up tension" in the Black Sea, but said Russia was not planning to increase its own presence there. "Now we have people flexing their muscles, demonstrating force. We can only regret that," he said.

A U.S. Coast Guard ship carrying post-war aid to Georgia arrived on the country's Black Sea coast on Wednesday, but backed down from docking in a Russian-patrolled port. [H-m-m-m, wonder why they feared landing at a Russian port? Bill]

The U.S. embassy in Tbilisi originally said the Dallas would be joined in Poti by a U.S. warship, the USS McFaul, which docked in Batumi on Sunday. But the embassy said late on Tuesday that the plan had changed. It did not say why.

"This decision was taken at the highest level of the Pentagon," a U.S. embassy spokeswoman told Reuters.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused the United States of shipping weapons into Georgia, a comment dismissed by the White House as "ridiculous". [Talk tough, but back down fast! Bill]

"Is Georgia torn up now?" asked another paper, Sakartvelos Respublica.

Russia says it was obliged to intervene militarily to prevent Georgian "genocide" and defend the lives of South Ossetians, many of whom are Russian citizens, after Georgia attempted on Aug. 7 to retake the rebel region by force.

While some Western governments have said Saakashvili bore at least partial responsibility for the outbreak of the conflict, there was strong and unanimous condemnation of the latest Russian move.

"Russia's action only exacerbates tensions and complicates diplomatic negotiations," U.S. President George W. Bush said. [In one of the weakest and tepid emotional statements I ever heard from Fearful Leader Bush. [Bill]

Russia's Medvedev said Tbilisi's desire to seize back the regions by force had killed all hopes for their peaceful co-existence in one state with Georgia. {which, of course, had nothing to do with Georgia attacking Russia first.
I have long maintained that Russia and Communist China would allow the West to encroach right up to some unknown boundary on a map and then join forces to end the American Empire permanently.

That time grows ever closer.

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