Friday, September 19, 2008

Yeah! What he said

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From, a reader submission:
Mr Paulson, I predict; Someday a younger man than me will come to the door of the banking system of this country and with one blow will strike it to the ground. I pray that it be so. In that day I may have already died or be too old or too poor to participate in the revolution that will surely come and take you folks down. But as God is my witness that day will come and if all I can do is spit in the face of whoever happens to be the Fed chief at the time or, if I am dead, then smile in my grave, it will be done. I would happily give my life in the fight to take back this country from you bastards. I am so very angered by the bailout of the "fat cats" that have stolen this country's wealth and labor and even more angered by traitors like you that protect them.

I pray: G_d Damn you all! And may it be soon, so, we can quickly get on with rebuilding our country.



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