Monday, September 22, 2008

Your skirt is showing.

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So, the bailout stumbles down the path towards its eventual installment. Most of the commentators on the 'net feel like there's nothing in it for the little guy (See Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo for more elucidating commentary than I can provide). And to be sure, there's not. We get stuck with the bad paper, and they get to continue business as usual with PERHAPS a bit more oversight and regulation... that they'll do their best to skirt of course. The powers that be are even resisting putting limits on those lovely bonus packages so many of these bigwigs get. Ain't that grand?

I was cranky all weekend because if this stupid mess. Here's a good article on it so you can be cranky too!
It turned out, inevitably, that some of the financial institutions that made billion-dollar gambles - usually in the form of a thousand million-dollar gambles in the course of a few minutes or so, to be precise - couldn't pay up. These gambles all occur in microseconds, at strokes of a keyboard almost without human interference. In that sense it is not unlike alien pod people taking over. But in this case they are robot-like machines, hence the analogy I drew above with the Terminators.



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