Tuesday, February 03, 2009

B. A. D.

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BAD could be Big Audio Dynamite ... or ... it could be Blogroll Amnesty Day!
skippy, Jon Swift and Blue Gal are sponsoring the blogiversary of blogiversaries yet another year. As skippy puts it:
the basic rule for blogroll amnesty day weekend is simply this: take a moment to write a post linking to (and pointing out to your readers) 5 blogs w/traffic smaller than yours. this inclusive and magnanimous yet easy-to-do gesture will not only expose your readers to new voices and those voices to new readers, it will foster a sense of community, support and all-around kumbaya amongst the progressive infrastructure.
We totally support this concept, but we're not sure if the blogs listed below qualify for 'smaller than ours', but we like them!

Fafblog! the whole world's only source for Fafblog
I forget how I originally discovered Fafblog but they cracked me up and they were a must read until they went off the air., They're back now but they were gone so long that another site started an homage.
I miss Fafblog, (since Fafblog's come back from hiatus they've changed their name to I Like Pie, Spot!
They crack me up too!

Ms Sparky (A political blog exposing KBR and corporate greed among DoD contractors.)
She was an electrician in Iraq and knows what she's talking about. Her commenters are incredible. Some posts and comments make me weep.

Pole Hill Sanitarium/Dr. Sardonicus
In the first place Dr. Sardonicus is one of my favorite albums of all time, and when I googled it and up came this link I put it on my blogroll. It makes me laugh, cry and think.

Only in America
I first met the author in comments on TalkLeft. We got to corresponding and then I asked him to contribute to VidiotSpeak. He's a fellow sailor, and sailors tend to be independent cusses, so he started his own blog.

Click thru all the links, they're like CrackerJacks. There's a surprise in every box!

Happy B.A.D. everyone!



At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Ms Sparky said...

Thanks VidiotSpeak!! Your blog is one of my faves!


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