Friday, March 27, 2009

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time…

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…should know that I am a dog lover to the extreme and that I have a particular affinity for Boston Terriers, one of, if not the only wholly American-bred breed of dogs.

So although this has no practical applications for the country as a whole, I came across this picture in the NYT of a beautiful example of my favorite dogs (I have five of these cuties myself and my life wouldn't be nearly as rich without them).

So, if you will forgive this sidetracking off to a total unimportant event of the day, please indulge me and click on the link.

I disagree with the conclusions of the article, based on anecdotal evidence only that dogs and cats can pose really bad hazards for tripping and injuring their owners, when I have read study after study that pet owners live longer than non-pet owners, and that dog owners in general outlive either the non-pet owner or the owners of cats both.

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